Troubleshooting and Reporting a Problem

No Internet Connection

a Fault

Please Note

  • We are a voluntary organisation so if your internet connection is vital then please have a back-up connection in case of break downs. Please see our Terms & Conditions and Fair Use Policy​​

  • Please be aware that when testing your  broadband speeds that this should be done through your main connection via the ethernet cable. WiFi connections are slower than direct ethernet connections. Wifi speeds depend on the type of WiFi you have and the number of mobile devices that you are running at the same time, the more there are the slower it gets.
Connection is slow

  • If you are running two broadband connections check in the settings menu of your phone/tablet/laptop that the Wifi is connected to Heriot Broadband and has not reverted to your secondary connection.​​

  • Tel. No. 0131 564 0086 - If there is a fault affecting the service the message will give you an indication of when the service will be restored.

  • No Message - Stay on the line and follow the instructions to report the problem. Your query will be answered as quickly as possible.

  • Text: 07570 741 382 to report the fault

  • Check you have power coming into the router (lights should be on) and the Power Over Ethernet (POE 'black' block lights on), if not check the cables are in correctly. Also check the antenna power supply (lights should be on).
  • Switch the power off at the wall for 30 seconds then switch back on.

  • ​Re-Start your Computer
  • If it is still not working and you are connected through a neighbour check their power supply.

  • Please be aware if you host an antenna to other properties do not switch off your electric supply as it will stop their connection!

  • If your phone/tablet/laptop has no connection check on the settings to see if you need to sign back in to the Wifi connection using your password.

  • After a power cut please check your connection and if it is not responding switch off everything and then restart the PC and router​​

Why is my Wi-Fi slow ? Why can't I get it to work around the house?

Heriot Community Broadband supplies a broadband connection through an antenna located externally on your house. This antenna connects directly to your router via a cable. A lead from the router is then plugged into your main PC. Before reporting a fault please check that the connection from the main computer is plugged directly into the router and the plugs are switched on.
Any Wifi connection to other appliances around your house are up to the householder to install. Wifi can be sent around the house in various ways such as  Devolo plugs which transmit your WiFi through the electricity circuit in your house. For more information you can download the WiFi Guide by clicking on the but ton.

Wifi Guide

How to Change the WiFi Password?
Your router comes with a Wifi Password which is shown on the router label. ​To change the password please contact our support line stating the new password you would like and emailing it to :   [email protected]

They will then update your password remotely, please note this down for ease of use.

​Checking Data Usage
How to Check your Data Usage?

To keep within the data limit you can regularly check your usage by following the link ​ We advise you to copy this link into your browser so that it is easily accessible.

If you go over your data limit your speeds will automatically be reduced until you drop below the threshold over a 30 day period or contact us to upgrade the data package. If you continually go over your data threshold we will ask you to move to the next Tariff.

Data is recorded over a continusous 30 day period.

Need Expert IT Help
Want an expert to help with your Wifi Set up or other advice?

Contact Marty from our Installation team for private work to set up your WiFi or Network systems. 

Borders Online provides general IT consultancy services around systems and networks, along with more bespoke solutions.
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