Heriot Community Broadband CIC

Terms and Condition of Service

T&Cs and Fair Use Policy
  1. The Company
    Heriot Community Broadband Community Interest Company (HCB CIC) has been set up as a community owned company to provide a high-speed broadband network for the Heriot area.
  2. Membership of HCB CIC
    A person who subscribes to a broadband connection supplied by HCB CIC will become a member of the company. Every member of HCB CIC has a right to attend and vote at the company’s Annual General Meeting and at any Extraordinary General Meeting. Membership of HCB CIC ceases with the termination of the broadband contract.
  3. Management of HCBCIC
    The Board of Directors is appointed from local residents and persons of expertise who shall carry out the management of HCB CIC. The Directors will determine the charges associated with a subscription to HCB CIC so that the company is viable financially. Profits will be reinvested into improving the network further. Charges so determined will be clearly stated in the contract details of a subscription to the HCB CIC network and will be payable by direct debit. Failure to pay the subscription within 30 days will result in termination of service.
  4. Contract Term
    The minimum contract term is 12 months for Heriot residents and non-Heriot residents opting for the Premium One tariff. It is 24 months for non-Heriot residents opting for the Premium Two tariff. Any customer may terminate their subscription to the network after that date by giving 1 month’s advance notice in writing. If you should cancel your service before the end of the minimum term you will be charged an early termination fee of £12.50 per month for the remaining months of the minimum contract term.
  5. Installation
    HCB CIC will arrange installation of the equipment (antenna and cabling to the router) by a suitably qualified person. If members wish to self install they will be liable for any charges incurred by HCB CIC to repair or replace equipment. HCB CIC accept no liability for any damage however caused and householders should resolve disputes directly with the tradesperson. By accepting this service from HCB CIC you agree to host an antenna if properties adjacent to you have no line of sight to a mast. The network must reach everyone in the community equally where it is possible to provide the service.
  6. Liability
    The router supplied will be configured with a static IP address for its external port and default settings for your domestic network agreed between the installer and yourself.
  7. Liability of Service
    HCB CIC will endeavour to provide a level of service that provides each subscriber with a stable broadband connection, however HCB CIC accepts no liability in respect of ensuring a 24 hour, 7 day a week service for subscribers to access the internet through HCB CIC broadband network. HCB CIC will not accept any liability for any consequence, financial or otherwise, resulting from a network failure to a subscriber.
  8. Complaints
    Any complaint relating to HCB CIC, it’s services, network or subscribers should be made to the company administrator.
  9. Community Connections
    By accepting this service from HCB CIC you agree to host an antenna if properties adjacent to yours do not have a direct line of sight to a mast.
  10. Limitations
    HCB CIC broadband network is subject to external Bandwidth and traffic limitations. HCB CIC will endeavour to purchase sufficient of these resources so that the HCB CIC broadband network can operate without noticeable constraints upon its subscribers. To achieve this HCB CIC will operate a “fair use” policy for subscribers. The Fair Use Policy is attached and also available on the HCB CIC website.

HCB CIC Fair Use Policy and General Information

  1. Responsible Use
    Permanently connected customers that provide their own web servers, email servers, news servers or any other type of servers are totally responsible for their content. You should ensure that you are aware of any laws regarding the material you are providing, including copyright laws. If you are breaking the law we will co-operate with the authorities, and may also disconnect your service.
  2. Internet TV & Films
    A community network of this type will not support many people wanting to watch live TV over the Internet, especially in real time and/or high definition. BBC iPlayer or similar services are acceptable to use. As a general guidance, large downloads – especially of high definition material – should be confined to periods of low usage, primarily between midnight and 6 am.
  3. Usage
    HCB CIC provides a variety of tariffs from 200 GB data downloads per 30-day period and as such is not an “unlimited service”. Usage is monitored and if subscribers go over their usage limit, their speeds will be capped at 5 Mbps for an exceedance of up to 25% of the quota and at 2 Mbps for large exceedances. Your usage can be monitored through http://my.hcb.hubs.net.uk/ . Please check this regularly so that you don’t go over your limit.
  4. Wi-Fi
    HCBCIC provides a broadband connection via an HCB router to the main computer of the household. It is up to the subscriber to set up their Wi-Fi network throughout the property, information on this can be found on our website. Please note Wi-Fi signals are not as reliable as wired connections and multiple devices will often cause interference with each other.
  5. Network Speed
    The speed will depend upon the number of people using the system; it should be at least 30 Mbps for 90% of the time. However, the system may slow down due to congestion in the evenings or at other busy times. The service is symmetric, with roughly equal speeds up and down. Applications that generate a lot of two way traffic including internet browsing, Skype etc. are much more responsive than over standard ADSL services.
  6. Email
    You should use your email address on all email you send. There are no limits on email sent or received, but bulk emailing of unsolicited advertisements is not acceptable. Recent UK legislation may also affect this practice. You are responsible for anything emailed from any of your machines.
  7. Level of Service
    HCB CIC will endeavour to provide a fully reliable service for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, but we cannot guarantee that. In particular, we have relays, which rely upon equipment that will be exposed to the rigours of the Scottish winter at relatively high altitudes. Wind turbines, plus a solar panel power some relays with battery backup but adverse weather conditions may mean that the batteries are sometimes fully discharged, in which case the links will fail temporarily.
  8. New Customers
    It is the intention of the Company that broadband service will eventually be accessible to everyone living in the Heriot area. The network will accept new customers on a first come, first served basis subject to masts being in position to serve them. The company is implementing improvements to increase the capacity of the system by installing additional hubs so as to cover all properties served by the Heriot telephone exchange.
  9. Abuse
    As such, abuse on the Internet is not in itself a reason for suspension of service. However abuse of the Internet is unacceptable. Abuse of the Internet means anything that could affect the operation of the Internet, affect the service we can offer to our customers or affect a large number of Internet users. This includes any action that could cause our internet feed to be disconnected or restricted, including breaking the acceptable use policy of our peers or causing any sanctions to be made against us. We will, wherever possible, give you reasonable warning of any problems, and a reasonable time to rectify problems before we consider any action (such as suspension of service). In exceptional circumstances this may not be possible. If you have equipment causing problems we will expect you to sort out the problem or disconnect the machine within a working day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why Should I Sign up with Heriot Community Broadband?
    We expect that all Heriot residents will gain from our service even although some may consider their current service via the Heriot Exchange adequate. Those further away from the exchange will certainly find the service to be a major improvement to existing connections. Some of the telephone lines connected to the BT exchange may be upgraded under the Digital Scotland programme in 2018. The upgrade plans have changed frequently and the level of service is not guaranteed.
  2. What speeds can I expect from the HCB system?
    Our target is to provide a roughly symmetric service of at least 30 Mbps upload and download for at least 90% of the time. Actual speeds will often be greater than that but at times of heavy usage speeds may fall below the target due to network congestion.
  3. How much will it cost a month?
    HCB service starts at £25.00 a month for 200GB usage with a minimum 1 year contract and subject to terms and conditions. Other Packages: 350GB -£37.50 a month 500GB- £50.00 a month 10000GB- £75.00 a month
  4. How will I be billed?
    Payment is by Direct Debit through Go-Cardless. This is an easy to use secure system independent of HCB who will have no access to your bank details. Any increase in the tariff will be notified in advance. For more information go to the Payments Page.
  5. How much does it cost to install?
    For Heriot residents, the setup is free including the equipment. For non-Heriot properties outside the EH38 5Y postcode there is a choice between: Premium One - an initial setup charge of £300 with a minimum contract term of 12 months; or Premium Two - an initial setup charge of £150 with a minimum contract term of 24 months.
  6. What equipment will I have in my house?
    You will be given a small box (router) that plugs into your computer and is connected by cable to a small antennae on the outside of your house, which is in line of sight of a mast or relay antennae.
  7. Who Funds the Infrastructure?
    The Infrastructure, Installation and Maintenance are all currently funded by Wind Farm Grants and local commercial businesses. Once there are enough households using the HCB service the maintenance and upgrading of equipment will be covered by a competitive monthly charge to subscribers.
  8. Why do we have to pay if it is funded by Wind Farm Grants?
    Wind Farm Grants are for setting up the infrastructure and supplying the initial equipment. To provide the broadband service HCB subscribe to HUBS who provide the network link to the Internet. The charges we apply to our service are to cover these costs, for maintenance of the masts and replacement of equipment. They also cover the provision of a support system to report and mend faults.
  9. Is all the work done by volunteers or are outside contractors brought in?
    Outside contractors are used for specialised work during the installation of the masts and equipment. Our volunteers work alongside them to reduce the costs. All the directors are involved in the complexities of setting up the infrastructure. An administrator/secretary is sponsored by a local estate.
  10. Can I keep my existing email?
    Yes. Your current supplier will advise but may charge a fee for this service. BT for example charge £1.90 a month.
  11. What happens if damage occurs to my property during installation?
    A brief survey will be undertaken prior to installation to ensure roofs/chimneys or buildings are able to support the receiver and cabling, which needs to run inside to the router. HCB will not be liable for any damage due to lack of maintenance to the property. The householder should make good any areas for potential fixings prior to the work being carried out.
  12. How long will installation take?
    We are currently constructing the main infrastructure of the system: identifying suitable locations and installing the relay masts. Once they are installed and live in your area we expect to be able to make connections within a few months of your request subject to adequate stock being held and a clear line of sight from the mast to your property. This may take longer in this initial start up phase due to the number of households waiting to be connected. Due to the nature of the village and surrounding areas, trees and hills can form a problem with some connections, this will be assessed prior to installation.
  13. Who do I speak to if something goes wrong?
    There is a back up service provided by HCB details can be found in your contract and on the Troubleshooting Page. However, before contacting HCB there are some simple checks you can do first which can also be found on the Troubleshooting Page.
  14. If there is maintenance required to the system how long will I be offline?
    This will depend if the repair can be fixed remotely or whether access is required to the property. Repairs to physical damage will depend on the cause. HCB will undertake to replace any faulty equipment we supply in the event it fails during the warranty period.
  15. I would like to sign up to use HCB as my broadband provider. What's the next step?
    Simply visit our website at www.heriotbroadband.co.uk and fill out and submit the registration form. We will then put you on our request for service database and aim to get back to you within a few weeks to let you know a timescale for a connection. If you are in line of sight of a mast and we have the equipment we will hope to connect you within a few months of your request, sometimes it takes longer if there are difficulties in finding a line of sight. We now cover most of Heriot even the most remote farm houses and cottages.
  16. What areas are able to get the service at present?
    A mast supplies Nettlingflat, Heriot House, Shoestanes and most of the village. Two masts on Clints Hill service Gilston Road and Crookston. Two masts are currently installed on Corsehope and Dod Law to service Raeshaw, Carcant, Borthwick Hall, MacFie Hall and the surrounding houses. This summer masts have been erected on Blackhope, Cowbraehill, and Leithen Water. A mast is planned for Haltree to connect properties to the south of Heriot. Contact us to get an idea of when we hope to be able to supply your area.
  17. Can I watch live TV, use iPlayer and Catch up TV?
    A community network of this sort will not support people wanting to watch live TV over the internet, especially in real time and/or high definition. However, there should be no problem in using the internet for catch-up downloads using the BBC iPlayer or similar service. As a general guidance, large downloads especially high definition should be confined to periods of low usage, primarily between midnight and 6am.
  18. How much can I download each month?
    This depends on the tariff you choose, for our basic starter package at £25 a month there is a download limit of 200 GB over 30 days which should be sufficient for a family with young teenagers. Those with older teenagers and young adults may prefer to take out a larger data tariff. You can keep an eye on your data usage by going to http://my.sdcn.hubs.net.uk/. It shows the previous 30 days usage.
  19. Who Profits from my Payments?
    At present HCB has about 130 subscribers and needs about 70 subscribers just to cover costs and outlays. The additional income received from subscribers is used for maintenance of hardware, repairs and replacements and to provide a support and maintenance team. As a Community Initiative Company (CIC) all of our profits are reinvested in extending and upgrading our service. Accounts will be submitted to Companies House on an annual basis to ensure that members are fully aware of the status of the company.